• Interior designers are qualified professionals who plan and create interior working or living environments that are comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients’ lifestyle, set the desired mood, complement the home’s architectural features, and ensure that services fit into the design.
  1. Site measurements, conceptual designs, and basic layouts are made. Conceptual layouts are prepared as per the requirement of the client and the final layout is processed. After the approval of the final layout, as top interior design firms in Hyderabad we make detail working drawings and further designing is undertaken.
  2. Once all the major designs are completed, the selection of materials are done, site work starts as per the finalized design.

The pursuit to enhance the quality of life of our clients has enabled us to become one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad and take up projects pan India.
Having completed more than 20+ residential projects across various locations in Hyderabad. we are experts in private residential projects of all scales. As top interior design firms in Hyderabad, we constantly keep working on expanding our brand, as a pioneer of design innovation across many cities in India. Based on Client requirement, SquareStudio will work outside Hyderabad.

  1. Every project takes a different timeline. There is no thumb rule for defining a fixed timeline for a given project.
    However the timeline depends on the size of the project, client’s requirements and budget, availability of materials, resources, and labour, how often a client changes their mind, and the involvement of the client in making faster decisions.
  2. Sometimes unexpected setbacks during the course of the site work also affect the completion of the project. However our average time period to complete the project is 45 days. As best interior designers in Hyderabad, we strive our best to meet the assigned deadlines.
  1. At SquareStudio, our integrated team of best interior designers, Architects in Hyderabad collaborates throughout the design process for each individual project. All of our team members bring a unique skillset and perspective to the final design solution.

  2. As top interior designers of Hyderabad, our multidisciplinary approach allows us to forge ahead, to push our limits and to design, propose and make innovative solutions a reality for our clients. The SquareStudio Team continues to work closely with our clients to create one-of-a-kind design solutions tailored specifically to each client.
  1. As leading luxury interior designers in Hyderabad, we go above and beyond for our clients and it shows.
    Our attention to details and meticulous care result in luxurious bespoke interiors that often exceed our client’s dreams, we truly believe that good quality design is life-enhancing and deliver it in every project we undertake.

  2. Our approach to any interior design project whether home interiors or office interior design in Hyderabad is to re-conceptualize what is considered an ordinary interior and elevate it to an extraordinary scheme. We are also well known as Interior Designers In Hyderabad For Villa & Farm House apart from Residence.
  1. The client’s involvement plays a very important role in leading the architecture and interior design project through the course of its execution. The client is required to provide the necessary information and detailed requirements of the project for planning, designing, and preparing drawings.
  2. Also, it is crucial for the clients to provide timely permissions and approvals from Municipal Corporations, society, or any authorized bodies if required. As best interior designers in India we strive to provide you a hassle-free experience while working with our team of luxury interior designers in Hyderabad
  1. As trusted architects and interior designers in Hyderabad, we would try to answer this in a simple way. At the initial level, the project cost is calculated on an average on the basis of the budget of a similar completed project executed in the past by SquareStudio.

  2. The detailed project cost can only be derived after the finalization of the layout and the design style and the range of materials we go for. The material application and labour cost are also interdependent and affect the budget.

  3. For example, The labour cost of marble laying is more than that of a tile, and so is the difference in the cost for both the materials as well. So there is no fixed costings, although we try to cut down.
  1. We are very much into Construction, where we work on gated villa & Farm House Projects. Right from Architectural Design, Layout Planning, Construction to Interior Designing.
  2. Interior design is a multi-dimensional process involving a lot of steps from conceptualization to execution. It involves coordination with different consultants like HVAC, firefighting, automation, lighting, and furniture and communication with different vendors.
  3. Guiding clients and assisting them with material selection is also an important step in the design process. Beyond the design service, all these services are included in our process. We also offer architectural services and are known as one of the top architects in Hyderabad
  1. As top interior designers in Hyderabad, our aim is to create the best and the most unique design for our clients, regardless of the project’s scale. The process and approach towards each project are equally rigorous and comprehensive.

  2. To create long term viability for a project, we ensure that every project achieves superior quality standards, from its design to its construction.

  3. Being best interior designers in Hyderabad, we start with detailed preparations depending on the needs of your project: from design and execution. Plus our team of top interior designers in South India ensures that your project is successfully completed, on schedule, and within Client’s budget.