SquareStudio - Powerful Theme for Interior Design

SquareStudio is a design & build company known for its approach to Thoughtful, & Sophisticated Design. Specialized in Space Design & Turnkey Project since our inception in 2018, we have delivered over 15 projects across India.

SquareStudio curates a vision  focused on quality, minimalism and functionality. Our mission is to provide a unique experience of living with our products and design that fascinate and inspire the user. We review each project, down to its handover, to ensure that we continuously provide the best in both quality and design.

If you are thinking of your dream house having modern courtyards  ,contemporary interiors  which makes living luxurious and peaceful to make your dream into reality. Just ping us at [email protected]

Our Team

Our team of experts work hard to bring your dreams to reality. From leading design thinkers to the brightest minds in Technology, Architecture, Interior Design and the best of everything.

Chiranjeevi Guntapalli

Co- Founder /CEO 

After completing his engineering from Andhra University , with his passion towards building structures , he started his own firm. Mr Chiranjeevi has spent his last 11 years in Construction Management.His expertise lies in planning of large projects, and on-site coordination of services. With a vast technical knowledge of integrated services and infrastructure design, he has successfully executed some extensive corporate, residential projects ,Work contracts for India’s biggest brands and clients like Coca Cola ,NFC , NCC . Chiranjeevi has also been a major coordinating force, integrating the studio and site through his project management and coordination skills. 


Principal Architect

Mr. Sanjay is a strong believer in his ability of architecture, combined with design thinking for strengthening our societies and having a positive effect on the world. He is very enthusiastic motivated, dedicated and hardworking person. His ambitious objective is to revolutionize the urban living standards with his top class designs, while never compromising to the needs of our clients. After all amazing customer service is a competitive advantage and we the Square Studio abide to stand by it. Besides working at Square Studio, Sanjay enjoys participating in Sketching and Art Competitions worldwide.