SquareStudio is a design & build company known for its approach to Thoughtful, & Sophisticated Design. Specialized in Space Design & Turnkey Project since our inception in 2018, we have delivered over 15 projects across India.

SquareStudio curates a vision  focused on quality, minimalism, and functionality. Our mission is to provide a unique experience of living with our products and design that fascinate and inspire the user. We review each project, down to its handover, to ensure that we continuously provide the best in both quality and design.

Aparna Serene Park

This house has been designed and executed in compliance with the client's requirements. The profile lights add a sense of modern ambiance in all the spaces. The intricate CNC carved MDF boards complemented by cove lighting in the puja room add a traditional touch to the otherwise modern interiors. We at SquareStudio comprehend the client's needs and make it an essential part of our design. One such result is the washbasin uniquely designed in marble to merge with the sleek surroundings.

Farm House

The design has strived to create a cost-efficient, low energy house with luxury spaces of high living standards using standard materials like steel, brick, concrete and glass. The Flexibility offered by the Movable steel structure ensures construction on all kinds of topographical landforms. Numerous outdoor spaces and large windows were added to accommodate maximum lighting, ventilation and relaxation while the daily activities.

Karmanghat Villa

This House is modern 3BHK villa with every inch of flawless detailed design and perfect styling. Client has a specific requirement of outstanding elevation with minimum budget. We matched the requirement with the intrinsic way of connecting lines. The two level living created for mesmerizing views of whole villa is a stand out design element. The cute open space created for vegetation, gets light from the skylight is a beautiful concept implemented.


The direction of the wind flow in Maheshwaram is from Northeast to Southwest and SW to NE predominantly. Keeping this in mind , we had designed floor levels in such a way that warm stagnant air flowing out and making fresh natural cold fresh air circulates in house continuously. Thus by ensuring a positive mood and refreshing environment for people living in the house.